7 reasons temporary work might be for you

Here are the top 7 reasons to consider flexible working

1. Get your foot in the door

Have you always wanted to work in a particular company or industry? Temporary work gives you a great opportunity to get your foot in the door and get noticed. 36% of managers started their careers in temporary positions. 

2. Gain valuable experience

We know how hard it is to make those first steps into work, with many companies looking for some form of experience - even for entry level roles. Temporary work is a great way for you to build your work experience and make your CV stand out. 

3. Flexible working hours

Whether balancing childcare responsibilities, working around your studies or changing gear as you approach retirement - temporary work offers the flexibility you need. You choose when and how you work; seasonal work, weekends, evenings, or part-time hours are all options when you temp.

4. Career change

Have you ever thought, “what if I had chosen to do something else”? Have you ever wanted to give something a go but have no experience, so think it’s out of reach? Temporary work can offer you an opportunity to give it a go. You can see if it’s for you while gaining some CV worthy experience.

5. Try before you buy

Employment is a two way relationship with an employer. Not only do they need to believe you are the right fit for them, they also have to be the right fit for you. Temporary roles give you time to experience the team and culture before you commit to a permanent position.

My temp role through REED allowed me an opportunity to get to know the employer. It was such a good match that after three months I was offered the role on a permanent basis. 
- Kerrie, Executive Assistant 

6. Networking

Studies show that as many as 85% of professional roles are filled via networking. Knowing a variety of people in different sectors can make a big difference when developing your career. Temporary opportunities allow you to connect with professionals from a variety of backgrounds and industries, potentially unlocking access to future roles.

7. Fill the gap

In between jobs? Returning from a sabbatical or career break? Many of us experience these points in our careers and it can be both an exciting and anxious time. Temporary work allows you to fill the gap, making sure money is coming in while keeping your CV up to date.

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